Welcome to Goulburn South Lifestyle Village

2 hours from Sydney and less than 1 hour from Canberra the Goulburn South Lifestyle Village is an ideal place to live.

Sell the family home and purchase a brand new 2 bedroom home for only $129,000 GST Inclusive and still have money left over to purchase a new 4 wheel drive and caravan.

What are the costs of a 2 bedroom home?

goulburn-south-lifestyle-villageNew 2 bedroom homes from $129,000. Plans available for other homes on requestPurchase price would be $129,000 GST Inclusive and the home would be delivered by the 28/2/2013.

A 10% deposit would be required for us to commence production of your new home and the balance payable on delivery.

If you are looking for a larger home Goulburn South Lifestyle Village offers a range of homes and for further information please discuss with our own site manager.

What are the site fees?

Site Fees for Goulburn South Lifestyle Village are $105 per week. New residents entering the Goulburn South Lifestyle Village will be required to sign a Residential Tenancies Agreement which is designed to protect both the resident and the park manager. As a resident of the Goulburn South Lifestyle Village, your site fees cover the following items:

  1. Exclusive use of your home site. In other words, your block and its garden.
  2. Professional management of the Village.
  3. Upkeep and maintenance of all community facilities including BBQ’s.
  4. Council rates.
  5. Garbage collection.

Site fees do go up over time and price rises are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.

What’s not covered?

  1. Maintenance of your home and garden. Of course we can assist in arranging this if you prefer.
  2. Insurance of your home. Again, we can assist if you desire.
  3. Utilities such as water, gas & electricity.
  4. Telephone, Foxtel and internet.

there-are-no-worries-at-goulburn-south-lifestyle-villageJust relax and let us take care of everything for youIf you are a pensioner, you may be entitled to receive an extra payment from Centrelink under the ‘rent assistance scheme’. You may be able to receive as much as $52.00 per week assistance. The actual amount that you receive is determined by Centrelink. We advise that you contact Centrelink to obtain further information. So, if your site fees were $105.00, and you received the Rent Assistance subsidy of say $52.00, then your outgoings for site fees would be $53.00 per week.

What costs are paid by you?


Electricity within the park is provided by Essential Energy and each lifestyle village home has its own meter which is read fortnightly. Fees and charges are set by the New South Wales Government. Pension rebates available if applicable.


You are a customer of Telstra, or if you prefer, Optus and may be entitled to a pensioner rebate if applicable.


Goulburn South Lifestyle Village has a preferred arrangement with Kleenheat Gas but you are free to choose your own supplier, and may be entitled to a pensioner rebate if applicable.


The Village may at some time in the future introduce a water charge in line with government legislation. Currently, water is included in your weekly rent.


The Village may at some time in the future introduce a sewerage charge in line with government legislation. Currently, there is no such charge being made.

What do I own?

As a resident of the Goulburn South Lifestyle Village you own your own home outright. That means you can sell it when you like and all proceeds from the sale belong to you the owner. There are no management fees or commissions payable to proprietor unless you engage the Village to sell the home for you.

you-can-bring-your-pet-at-goulburn-south-lifestyle-villageYou can bring your pet with you at Goulburn South Lifestyle VillageAs with all Residential Parks in NSW, a residents right to occupy the premises under a residential tenancies agreement, is leasehold right only, not a freehold right or other right of an unlimited perpetual nature, and may, in certain circumstances be terminated.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Yes you are more than welcome to bring your well behaved dog; unfortunately we do not allow cats. Dogs must be on a lead at all times when not in your home or fenced back garden.

What security is on site?

Our onsite manager can be contacted by phone 24 hours a day.

Want to know more?

Contact our onsite manager at:

+61 2 4821 3233


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